Toilet issues?

Toilet leaks/running toilets can be a very expensive problem. If you are unsure if the toilet is leaking, you can place a dye tablet in the tank of the toilet, wait 10-15 minutes and then look in the bowl of the toilet. If there is color in the toilet, this indicates a leak somewhere. If the toilet is running, try removing the tank lid and gently pulling up on the trip lever bar. This will usually reset the flapper and stop the toilet from running. It is best to turn off the water to the toilet using the emergency shut off valve located on the wall behind the toilet. Flush the toilet one time after turning off the valve, your toilet will stop leaking/running. Call a professional to repair or replace the toilet. Sanibel Plumbing will always choose the most efficient way for the customer, we do have a wide variety of toilet styles and colors available to choose from.