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Toilet issues?

Toilet leaks/running toilets can be a very expensive problem. If you are unsure if the toilet is leaking, you can place a dye tablet in the tank of the toilet, wait 10-15 minutes and then look in the bowl of the toilet. If there is color in the toilet, this indicates a leak somewhere. If the toilet is running, try removing the tank lid and gently pulling up on the trip lever bar. This will usually reset the flapper and stop the toilet from running. It is best to turn off the water to the toilet using the emergency shut off valve located on the wall behind the toilet. Flush the toilet one time after turning off the valve, your toilet will stop leaking/running. Call a professional to repair or replace the toilet. Sanibel Plumbing will always choose the most efficient way for the customer, we do have a wide variety of toilet styles and colors available to choose from.

Water Heater Leaking?

Water heater leaks can be the worst depending on where the water heater is located in the home. Water heaters in attics or closets inside of the home can cause water damage to floors, walls and ceilings. Rising pressure can cause the water heater to explode, however your system has a pressure relief valve to hopefully avoid that from happening. An increase in pressure will cause the pressure relief valve to open in turn making the water heater leak. Be sure to call a professional to repair or replace your water heater as sometimes this can be a dangerous and complicated fix.

Garbage Disposal not Working?

The first thing you want to do when your disposal is not working is push the reset button. 3 out of 5 calls result in us pushing the reset button as the disposal was tripped. If you’re handy with tools, you can also try to use a disposal wrench to free up a frozen grind chamber. If you’re completely unsure of what to do, call us to schedule a repair or replacement. We will verify correct installation and make sure that all plumbing under the sink is up to code.

Clogged Lines: One of the Worst Issues in Plumbing

Kitchen sink clogged? Standing in dirty water while showering? Home full of guests and the toilets start backing up? The first thing you want to do is try a plunger. 25% of all clogs can be cleared by the homeowner with a $5 plunger.  Most customers will try to use a drain cleaner, while that is great for a simple hair clog, it doesn’t totally clear the issue and will eventually damage your piping and fixtures due to the acid. If you are a seasonal resident, try to remember to check all of you plumbing water lines and drains when you get into town, its better to be proactive than reactive!

Watermain Break?

Watermain break?

Watermain breaks usually result from corroded piping. With the constant weather changes in Florida, the ground swells and changes the pressure on the piping, essentially weakening it. If you come across a watermain break, the first thing to remember is to turn the water off to the home. Locate the main shut off valve, unfortunately, there is no set location for the main shut off valve. It could be in your garage or outside of the home. Once located, turn the valve to the left to stop the flow of water. Call us to come out and assess the situation, if the leak cannot be found, we will have a leak detection company come out and locate the leak as soon as possible. After the leak is located, we will repair or replace the water service and bring it up to code.

Faucet not turning off?

If you have a faucet that is not turning off, quickly turn off the emergency stop located under the sink in order to stop the flow of water. Next, call the professionals at Sanibel Plumbing, we’ll be able to determine if your faucet can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Faucets have tons of tiny parts that can be confusing so it’s important to call a professional to repair. Our first goal would be to try to repair the faucet, which of course, would be the cheaper option. In the case that your faucet is not repairable, we offer a wide variety of faucets to meet everyone’s needs.