Per von Wowern

Owner, President

Per (pronounced pair, like the fruit), originally from Sweden, has been on Sanibel for 7 years. He moved to this beautiful island after his wife searched and searched for the best place in the world to live due to the schools, sports, palm trees, beaches, culture and nice people. His trade is generally to help companies grow. After his studies of Master mechanical and computer Engineer, Master of financials and PhD studies for 5 years in Venture Capital, he started the Wowern Group in 1993. Since then the Wowern Group has helped over 50 companies, mostly international, to grow. He enjoys seeing happiness in people and in particular the growth in people and businesses. When he isn’t here helping our company or one of his many other companies, he is golfing, swimming or eating out with good friends.

Crystal Murray

Office Manager

Originally from Illinois, Crystal has been in Florida since she was 1 year old. She is the Office Manager of Sanibel Plumbing, working day in and day out to ensure all of our customers are being well taken care of in a timely manner. Crystal has been with the SPC family since October of 2017, but has been in the industry for over 12 years and strives to provide impeccable customer service. When she isn’t on the island servicing our customers, she enjoys spending time with her family at theme parks and doing various recreational activities.

Why do you travel so far to come to work for Sanibel Plumbing? “When I first started at Sanibel Plumbing, it was a job. I came to work, completed all my tasks and left, not worrying about after hours. I quickly realized it was more than that, I see my team as a second family. Per is amazing to work for, he has created a laid back, comfortable environment and I actually enjoy coming to work, even in the season traffic.”

Harold Guthrie

Service Manager

Harold, aka “Tom”, is originally from Michigan. He has been in our sunny state since August of 2004 and has been a part of our family since September of 2018. As a Master plumber, with over 48 years in the industry, Tom fits right in as our Service Manager. His knowledge and skillset is appreciated daily! Tom enjoys meeting & helping people, sharing his knowledge, learning new things daily, keeping busy, feeling useful and employee comradery. When he isn’t servicing our customers, he enjoys riding his motorcycle with his club, traveling and golfing.

Why do you travel so far to come to work for Sanibel Plumbing? “I like working with this firm, close knit group of people with Midwest values. I love this island, I make sure to allow enough time to enjoy the drive every day as it’s beautiful and mind-settling.”

Roelvys Vergara


Roelvys, aka “Elvys”, is originally from Cuba. He has been in the plumbing industry for over 23 years and loves to please customers with his work. Elvys is trained in various plumbing departments, from clogs to whole home remodels! His work speaks for itself and our customers absolutely love him! He has been a part of our team since June 2017 and when he is not on the island servicing our customers, he loves to spend time with his children and soak up nature.

Why do you travel so far to come to work for Sanibel Plumbing? “I enjoy the scenery and unique houses on the island.”

Charles Lawrence


Charles, aka “CJ” has been in Florida for 1 year. Originally from Maine, he moved to the sunshine state for better career opportunities and to have a change of scenery. While CJ has only been with the SPC family since September of 2018, he has quickly adapted to our island family and our customers love him! When he is not here with us, he is spending time with his wife and 3 children or enjoying industrial arts, such as blacksmithing.